Natalia Lady
Mustang Softball

Varsity Natalia Mustang #5 Skylene Gallegos makes contact with the ball. By MB.

Last Tuesday, March 7th, the Natalia Lady Mustangs defeated Luling 10-0! The Natalia Lady Mustangs racked up eight hits for the day. Threats in the batter’s box for the match include Isabel Laque,Kody Blanquiz, Kira Jimenez, and Marina Billalobos. Leading the Mustangs in hits were Jimenez with 3, and Blanquiz with 2. Blanquiz and Billalobos worked together to pitch a shut-out. Blanquiz lasted four and two-thirds innings, allowing seven hits and zero runs while striking out four and walking one. Billalobos lasted one-third of an inning, allowing zero hits and zero runs while walking zero. Stats for the match are as follows:
Batting: Singles: Blanquiz-2, Vera-1, Jimenez-1, Gallegos-1, Laque-1. Doubles: Jimenez-2. Runs: Blanquiz-2, Vera-1, Ramirez-2, Figueroa-2, Segovia-1, Billalobos-2.
Fielding: Assists: Segovia-1. Outs: Blanquiz-3, Jimenez-4, Skylene Gallegos-1, Syrene Gallegos-2, Abigail Figueroa-1, Segovia-3, Laque-1.
Pitching: Blanquiz: Hits Allowed-7, Walks-1, Strikeouts-4. Billalobos: Hits Allowed-0, Walks-0, Strikeouts-0.
Friday, March 10th, the Mustangs took on the Poteet Aggies. The Lady Mustangs were down 3-2 in the bottom of the fifth inning when Billalobos brought in three runs with a home run, winning the match 5-3! Billalobos pitched all seven innings as well. The Mustang surrendered three runs on eight hits over seven innings, striking out eight and walking one. Threats in the batter’s box were Billalobos with 3 hits , Gallegos with 1, Saenz with 1, and Laque with 1. Stats for the match are as follows:
Batting: Singles: Skylene Gallegos-1, Valerie Saenz-1, Marina Billalobos-1. Doubles: Billalobos-1, Isabel Laque-1. Home Runs: Billalobos-1. Runs: Kira Jimenez-2, Gallegos-1, Araceley Segovia-1, Billalobos-1.
Fielding: Outs: Jimenez-8, Skylene Gallegos-1, Saenz-2, Syrene Gallegos-1, Abigail Figueroa-3, Segovia-2, Billalobos-2, Laque-2.
Pitching: Billalobos: Hits Allowed- 8, Walks- 1, Strikeouts- 8.