Arabian Softball vs Uvalde, Poteet; 2-2 district record

Devine Varsity Arabian #1 Natalie Valle hits a double and called safe at second.

Last Tuesday, March 7th, the Devine Arabian softball team traveled to Uvalde to play their third district game of the season. Strong pitching and limited error in the field won the match for the Arabians 3-0. The win puts the girls at a district record of 2-1, two losses; one win. Pitcher Hilary Barnett  threw a shutout, lasting seven innings, allowing five hits and zero runs while striking out 11 and walking zero. In the batter’s box the Arabians tallied seven hits. Denise Contreras and Natalie Valle led the team with two hits each. Stats for the match are as follows:
Batting: Singles: Natalie Valle-2, Angelina Rios-1, Maddie Brown-1, Denise Contreras-2. Triples: Yaya Rodriguez-1. Runs: Valle-2, Rodriguez-1.
Fielding: Assists: Valle-1. Outs: Valle-1, Rios-1, Kynedie Cruz- 1, Kate Featherly-2, Barnett-2, Allie Dugosh-1, Rodriguez-11, Skylar Blanton-2.
Pitching: Barnett: Hits Allowed-5, Strikeouts-11.
Friday, March 10th, the Arabians hosted a match against Carrizo Springs. The Arabians trampled Carrizo a whopping 13-3. A threat on the mound and the batter’ box, Hilary Barnett tallied 4 hits; a single, two doubles, and a home run. On the mound, Barnett surrendered three runs on five hits over five innings, striking out ten and walking one. Varsity Arabians Kate Featherly and Angelina Rios were threats in the batter’s box as well with a home run each. As a team the Arabians totaled 15 hits. Yaya Rodriguez, Denise Contreras, and Hilary Barnett each collected multiple hits, and Natalie Valle, Kynedie Cruz, Kate Featherly, and Allie Dugosh each made contact with one. The win settled the girls at a district record of 2-2.
Batting: Singles: Rodriguez-2, Cruz-1, Barnett-1, Dugosh-1. Doubles: Valle-1, Rios-1, Rodriguez-1, Barnett-2, Contreras-1. Triples: Contreras-1. Home Runs: Rios-1, Featherly-1, Barnett-1. Runs: Valle-1, Rios-1, Rodriguez-3, Cruz-1, M Rivera-2, Featherly-1, Barnett-1, Dugosh-1, Contreras-2.
Fielding: Outs: Valle-1, Rodriguez-10, Featherly-2, Contreras-2.
Pitching: Barnett: Hits Allowed-5, Walks-1, Strikeouts- 10.