Mustangs win 1st at UTSA Meet

The Natalia Mustangs had a strong showing last Thursday in San Antonio as they captured 1st place out of 12+ teams in attendance thanks to 34 team points. Natalia’s Uriel Arellano led the Stangs as he captured the gold in the 242 lb. weight class courtesy of a 1,430 lb. total. Natalia also finished with four 2nd places among many other individual medals.
“I am truly proud of our young men and how they went out and competed against a lot of great lifters,” Natalia Head Coach Tyler Seiler said. Natalia’s 34 points edged out 5A San Antonio Memorial (32), 5A Somerset (29), Cotulla (29), as well as Devine (13), Wimberley (12), Holy Cross (10), Blanco (9), San Antonio Kennedy (9), Canyon Lake (5), Marion (3) and Pleasanton.
Arellano was able to account for his 1,430 lb. total thanks to a 525 lb. Squat, a 430 lb. Bench press and a 475 lb. Dead lift.
Here is a look at the remainder of the results:
123 lb. Wc: Donovan Hawkins 2nd place-350 lb. Squat, 145 lb. Bench press, 335 lb. Dead lift-830 lb. total.
132 lb. Wc: Wyatt Owens 2nd place- 290 lb. Squat, 135 lb. Bench press, 320 lb. Dead lift-745 lb. total; Noah Gilkey 3rd place-270 lb. Squat, 150 lb. Bench press, 310 lb. Dead lift-730 lb. total; Marco Morales 6th place-250 lb. Squat, 160 lb. Bench press, 250 lb. Dead lift-660 lb. total; David Silva 7th place- 215 lb. Squat, 110 lb. Bench press, 230 lb. Dead lift-555 lb. total.
148 lb. Wc: Gianni Rios 13th place- 295 lb. Squat, 170 lb. Bench press, 240 lb. Dead lift-705 lb. total; Roberto Hernandez 17th place- 250 lb. Squat, 130 lb. Bench press, 295 lb. Dead lift-675 lb. total.
165 lb. Wc: Adrian Vasquez 4th place- 500 lb. Squat, 240 lb. Bench press, 480 lb. Dead lift-1,220 lb. total; Elijah Banda 7th place- 415 lb. Squat, 230 lb. Bench press, 350 lb. Dead lift-995 lb. total; Diego Zapata 8th place- 445 lb. Squat, 215 lb. Bench press, 315 lb. Dead lift-975 lb. total; Chris Saldana 10th place- 365 lb. Squat, 170 lb. Bench press, 370 lb. Dead lift-905 lb. total; Landon McDole 18th place- 290 lb. Squat, 210 lb. Bench press, 310 lb. Dead lift-810 lb. total.
181 lb. Wc: Fabian Ruiz 4th place- 430 lb. Squat, 205 lb. Bench press, 405 lb. Dead lift-1,040 lb. total; Isaac Rios 6th place- 365 lb. Squat, 230 lb. Bench press, 370 lb. Dead lift-965 lb. total.
198 lb. Wc: Devin Perez 8th place- 355 lb. Squat, 225 lb. Bench press, 370 lb. Dead lift-950 lb. total.
220 lb. Wc: Michael Martinez 2nd place- 570 lb. Squat, 305 lb. Bench press, 470 lb. Dead lift-1,345 lb. total; Jeremiah Gomez 4th place- 425 lb. Squat, 260 lb. Bench press, 470 lb. Dead lift-1,155 lb. total.
242 lb. Wc: Isaiah Sanchez 3rd place-485 lb. Squat, 240 lb. Bench press, 475 lb. Dead lift-1,430 lb. total; Gustavo Gomez 5th place- 520 lb. Squat, 290 lb. Bench press, 360 lb. Dead lift-1,170 lb. total; Diego Hernandez 8th place- 445 lb. Squat, 240 lb. Bench press, 395 lb. Dead lift-1,080 lb. total.
275 lb. Wc: Paul Billalobos 2nd place- 590 lb. Squat, 320 lb. Bench press, 510 lb. Dead lift-1,420 lb. total; Aubrey Cummings 5th place- 445 lb. Squat, 285 lb. Bench press, 300 lb. Dead lift-1,030 lb. total.
“We will continue to work hard as we work toward qualifying as many as we can for regional,” Seiler said.
The Natalia Lady Mustangs will be back in action at the TSS Gym on Thursday, January 23rd at 5:30 p.m. as the Mustangs will return on Thursday, January 30th at the same location.
By Eric Smith
Staff Writer