Mountain lion spotted at local park

There have been at least two sightings of a mountain lion in Castroville Regional Park, which has many beautiful, wooded trails up in the hills above the pool and recreational areas.

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“The mountain lion has been spotted twice, as recently as yesterday (Monday, Sept 9th),” said Castroville PD Lieutenant Brian Jackson. “We have closed the Walking Trail area, where it was spotted yesterday. From what the man stated, it sounds like it is a juvenile mountain lion who has maybe been pushed out and is looking for a new territory.”
The lion was reportedly about knee-height, where as a full grown mountain lion would be at least thigh-high in general. Cubs stay with their mothers for about a year.
There is no picture of the lion, and Medina County Game Warden Cody Buckaloo reminds citizens to try to get a picture if you do spot a mountain lion, so that it can be confirmed by Texas Parks and Wildlife’s reporting system.
“If you do see a mountain lion, keep your distance, but try to get a picture so we can confirm it. In general, they are more scared of you than you are of them. A lot of times, a mountain lion will stop and stand their ground just because they think if they don’t move, they can’t be seen. This is their natural habitat. It’s when they start coming up in people’s yards or pets start disappearing, when they lose their fear of man that we become more concerned.”

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