Meet Michael, Xavier, Ramon and their sister Destiny

Meet Michael, Xavier, Ramon and their sister Destiny
These four siblings are excited at the chance to find their forever home in a place where they can all be together with a forever mother and father. And the siblings all agree, in addition to parents, they want to have home with pets!
Ramon who is the oldest at 11 years, is an outgoing child that enjoys reading and playing outside.  Ramon also enjoys drawing, watching scary movies, roller skating, and playing Fortnite.  
Xavier is 10 and loves to laugh & joke around, he likes to play video games, reading books and playing basketball with his peers. His favorite snack is honey buns.
Destiny is an energetic and outgoing 9-year-old, and the sister to her three brothers. She enjoys playing with dolls and riding her bike.  She likes helping around the house, but most of all, her most favorite thing to do is being around her siblings.  
Michael who is the youngest at 8 years old, enjoys playing outside, jumping on the trampoline with his siblings and playing video games.   Michael really loves to hang out with his brothers and sister, and looks forward to the day when they can be a part of a forever family.  
If you think you could be this sibling group’s forever family or for another Texas child please contact the department at 1-800-233-3405, for more information about adoption or visit where the schedule of adoption information meeting for Texas are posted.