Meet Izzy

Izabella is 10 years old and likes to be called Izzy by those she is close to.

Izabella is independent and enjoys being entertained with one of her most preferred toys, her iPad, where she really likes to watch videos on Kids YouTube, with music videos and any Disney movie with a princess as the star topping the list.

Izabella is a ball of energy; she finds joy in spinning and dancing. She likes to go for walks outside to see nature, as she loves the open air and the possibility of spotting some animals. Being outdoors in an open area brings her warmth and happiness. Izabella has a great appetite, as she loves oatmeal, goldfish crackers, and hot & chili Top Ramen.

Izzy is seeking to become part of a loving family, who will encourage and guide her as she matures into adulthood. She will do well with a family who has older children who can be mentors & role models, or where she can be an only child, And of course, a home with pets.

If you think you could be Isabella’s forever family or for another Texas child please contact the department at 1-800-233-3405, for more information about adoption or visit where the schedule of adoption information meeting for Texas are posted.