Meet Carla

Carla is looking for her forever home.

Carla is a bright, energetic and affectionate young lady. She is 14 years old and just started high school this year, in the 9th grade.
She loves listening to music, dancing and reading along with others, playing with her dolls, drawing/coloring or doing puzzles. She enjoys interacting with others – playing games, etc. and being outdoors – swinging, swimming, etc. She keeps herself entertained and LOVES anything to do with technology.
Some of her favorites are bean/cheese tacos, cheese or peanut butter crackers, and of course anything from McDonald’s.
Carla does struggle with socializing and communication, and also needs advocating and services for her educational and speech needs.
She is considered non-verbal due to her inability to maintain and hold conversations; however, she is able to speak/verbalize, and express her emotions. She can be affectionate with those she is familiar with, and gets excited when she sees them. She is a sweet child and can easily be redirected when necessary.
Carla needs a family/caregivers that are able to assist and guide her in strengthening her current skills and provide her with her “forever home”.
To get to know Carla better, please contact Amber Winters with the Department of Family and Protective Services at (210) 215-7816.
For general information about foster care or adoption, please contact Family Tapestry at (210) 503-4480.