Medina County: Medina Electric to close lobbies as precaution for staff and members

“It is a super fluid situation right, so we are meeting pretty regularly. Today, Monday the 16th, we made the decision to close the lobbies of all Medina Electric offices as of 5 pm today. Our drive-thru will remain open, and of course, you can pay online as well,” said Medina Electric representative Katie Haby.

“We are doing everything we can to care for our members and our staff. This is certainly uncharted territory, and if our linemen were to come down with the virus it wouldn’t be good, so we are limiting the number of people in a room, and person to person contact as much as possible out of precaution.”

“If you are having any issues making payment deadline, please reach out to us at 1-866-632-3532. We are exploring different ways that we can help the community and especially our elderly population and the logistics of that. But if you are having trouble making payment, we need members to please be sure to call and communicate that to us, so that we can discuss what resources we have to help.”

The Devine News will provide daily updates, or as often as necessary to keep locals informed on community decisions regarding the Corona Virus in Devine and Medina County.