Medina County 911 lines down Sunday after equipment failure

Sunday morning, Medina County’s emergency system issued a notice stating “Medina County is experiencing problems with the 911 phone service. Only 1 of 3 lines are currently working. Dial 830-741-6150 as an alternative method of contacting Sheriff’s dispatch.”
Medina County Emergency Manager Keith Lutz explains, “The dispatch office started getting like ghost calls. The phone would ring and nobody was ever on the other end of the line. It started around 8 in the morning and lasted about 10 hours.”
“We were told the problem was caused by an equipment failure at AT&T’s central office, but it only affected people dialing 911 in Medina County.”
Around 9:40 pm, they issued a statement that it had been resolved. “We didn’t notify everyone it was back up and working until we were sure it was stable,” Lutz added.