Malcolm Watson warns of hoax

Malcom Watson dropped by The Devine News office to warn us that an unknown person keeps calling people in Medina County posing as “Malcom Watson” and trying to solicit funds for Peace Office Associations or campaign funds and all kinds of things.
“I do not solicit by phone for anything concerning my office or any other organization,” said Watson. “I have called some of these numbers that were used with my name and it often goes to a Florida number!”
Please do not fall for this hoax and waste you r hard enough money,” said Watson. Remember, ” I do not call for any solicitations, or funds, keep your money in your own pockets, don’t fall for the hoax!”
The real Watson shows up in person!!! He delivers citations, not solicitations.
Whether it be a email, phone, or mail scam, please use common sense and don’t fall for them.

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