Luggage collected for local foster kids

We are excited to let you know about a simple and meaningful way that community members can help out local foster children. This will be an on-going project year-round to provide luggage, backpacks, etc. to HANK INC’s local foster children (in Medina, Uvalde, and Real Counties).
“Foster Kids often have to transport their belongings from place to place in a trash bag,” said Cindi Billebault, one of the volunteers helping with the collection.
It is a simple problem that you have never thought about. We have spoken to many former foster children who stated they had to move dozens of times, and talked about how frustrating it was to never have a place or bag to securely store the few belongings that they did have.
For questions or to schedule a drop-off for these items, please call Cindi Billebault @ 210-215-5760. This community project is supported by Medina Valley Church Of The Nazarene. You may also drop off at the Devine News office.

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