Lytle selects The Devine News as Official Newspaper; discusses new recycling program

The Lytle City Council unanimously selected The Devine News as the new Official Newspaper for the City of  Lytle at their regular meeting May 11, 2020 on a Erik Dahler/ Sam Cortez motion.

“We look forward to working with The Devine News but will miss Natalie Spencer. Our condolences to her family upon her death. She did a great job publishing the Lytle Leader News and covering Lytle. We appreciate all she did,” said Mayor Mark Bowen.

“The family of Natalie informed us on April 29 with a letter stating that they will no longer be publishing Lytle Leader News. So we must choose another as the official newspaper of record,” said City Secretary Josie Campa.  “K.K. Calame , The Devine News Publisher, informed us they are interested in providing the service.”

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The Pleasanton Express Publisher Noelle Wilkerson was at the  meeting and let the council know they will be helping the community out as well.

The council and guests all wore masks and sat in chairs reflecting social distancing requirements, except those in the same household. The city also provided hand sanitizer and masks for those who needed it.

Recycling center

Lytle is looking at starting a recycling program with a public drop off center. The Waste Management representative said they would help with signage and training to help make a smooth transition. Recyclables brought to the drop-off must be dry loose (not bagged), un-shredded, and empty. Acceptable items include: Plastics #1 and #2, food and beverage cans (cleaned), paper, uncoated cardboard and paperboard. It will still be a few months before everything would be ready to go and able to open and it also depends on the availability of necessary supplies due to COVID-19 closures.

Reviewing contract

Lytle Council is reviewing its current AT&T contract, which is a 3 year contract, and looking at options available. Alderman Ruben Gonzales has been researching the options. It was decided that there are several companies that could provide the service, so they will open the proposals to a variety of companies.

Tele-conferencing/ live-streaming discussed

Tele -Conferencing and or live streaming council meetings was discussed and the ways to possibly do that at the next meeting or in future meetings. Richie Priest volunteered to help with the project and see what was needed using mostly equipment the city already has.

The 19 action item agenda will be broken down into smaller articles in coming weeks of The Devine News as well as online.

The Devine News is proud to expand service to local communities which we have been honored to serve for over 123 years in Medina, Frio, and Atascosa Counties since my great-grandfather William Lafayette DuBose began publishing THE DEVINE NEWS in 1897.  We are proud to serve as the Official Newspaper for Devine, Natalia, and Lytle.

By K.K. Calame

Publisher, The Devine News