Lytle Police Report Nov. 16-22

Nov. 16
11:25 AM – Complainant called the Police Station and talked to officer in reference to receiving harassing text messages from his estranged girlfriend.
6:32 PM – Officers responded to Lil’ Red Schoolhouse for a report of suspicious activity. Everything was okay.
6:48 PM – Officer responded to HEB Plus for a report of lost property. Officer was cancelled before arrival.
9:03 PM – Officers responded to Whataburger for a report of a man drinking an alcoholic beverage while in the drive thru.
Nov. 17
5:01 AM – Officer observed a man walking on the frontage road and provided a courtesy ride to his residence.
7:52 AM – Officer responded to John’s Small Engine Works for a report of stolen 2001 Honda CR80X Dirt bike taken from the outside of the shop area. Estimated loss $500.
12:55 PM – Officer responded to FM 2790 N at Blume Dr. for a report of a stranded motorist. Officer searched the area, unable to locate.
2:54 PM – Officers responded to US Post Office for a report of a two vehicle crash.
Nov. 18
9:50 AM – Officers responded to Hurley Funeral Home and provided a funeral escort to outside the city limits.
1:00 PM – Officers responded to 15700 Blk. of Main St. in reference to two unknown males taking items from his property. Officers were advised that when the two males were confronted by the homeowner, they put the property back and left without incident.
3:50 PM – Officer responded to 19500 Blk. of Florence St. for a welfare check on an elderly female. Officer made location, all was okay.
4:44 PM – Complainant stopped by the Police Station for a report of a civil matter. The incident occurred outside the city limits. Complainant was referred to Medina Co. due to jurisdiction.
Nov. 19
6:51 AM – Officer responded to Best Western Plus and talked to an officer in reference to an unruly customer. The customer departed prior to officer’s arrival.
7:55 AM – Officer responded to IH 35 NB to assist Texas DPS with a pursuit. Officer witnessed the pursuit coming through the Lytle City Limits but was unable to assist due to the DPS unit already having three Medina Co. S.O. units behind him.
8:26 AM – Officer responded to 63000 Blk. of Hidalgo St. for a report of three stolen weed eaters from a utility trailer. The three weed eaters were last seen on Sunday around 5pm.
9:40 AM – Officers responded to HEB C-Store for a report of a vehicle attempting to jumpstart another vehicle by the gas pumps. The caller was concerned to the potential hazard of a spark coming from the batteries. The vehicle departed the location prior to officers’ arrival.
9:50 AM – Officers responded to Mesquite St. at S Benton St. for a report of a suspicious vehicle stopping in front of different residences. Officers made contact with the individual and identified him. All was okay.
4:20 PM – Officer responded to Lytle Nails and Spa for a report that one of the front windows of their business had been damaged. Officer arrived and found one full-size, floor to ceiling window shattered. The window was still intact due to window tint or some form of coating.
6:15 PM – Officer responded to FM 3175 at IH 35 Access Rd. and provided a courtesy ride to an adult male that had ran out of fuel.
7:33 PM – Officer responded to HEB Plus to unlock a vehicle.
Nov. 20
3:21 AM – Officer responded to N. Prairie St. at Laredo St. and provided an adult male pedestrian a courtesy ride home.
5:45 AM – Officer responded to FM 463 at FM 2790 N and conducted traffic control to slow down traffic due to the heavy fog and potential traffic hazard.
11:10 AM – Officer responded to 63000 Blk. of Hwy. 132 to assist Atascosa EMS with a 71 YOA male with a fallen injury.
2:49 PM – Vehicle unlock in the 18700 Blk. of Prairie St.
11:20 AM – Comp. reported his vehicle was damaged in Devine, he was referred to Devine to file a report.
9:15 PM – While conducting a walk-thru at Dollar General, Capt. Reyes was informed about suspicious activity that occurred approx. one hour earlier.
Nov. 21
6:25 AM – Officer met with the operators of a very large crane on N. Prairie St., they were assisting with replacing AC units on the Lytle Primary Campus.
7:50 AM – Vehicle unlock at the HEB C-Store.
2:00 PM – Officer conducted a follow-up in Von Ormy in regards to a theft.
2:05 PM – Officer assisted Natalia VFD with a pole on fire on Houston St.
4:41 PM – Officers assisted Lytle VFD with a vehicle fire at HEB; a 1998 Dodge P/U had a small fire in the engine compartment.
5:45 PM – Referred to ACSO Officer took a report of “kids in the road” on Cielo Way; the complainant was referred to the Atascosa Co. Sheriff’s Office.
6:25 PM – Comp. reported an altercation at HEB C-Store that occurred approx. one hour earlier.
6:30 PM – Comp. reported that her vehicle made contact with the vehicle in front of her, they were in the drive-thru lane at Bill Miller’s BBQ. The other vehicle drove off.
Nov. 22
8:45 AM – Officers escorted the cross country team from the high school to the north city limits on Main St. They were headed to Round Rock for the State Meet.
10:30 AM – Officer responded to a report that a person plugged an extension cord into an outside power outlet at the Lytle Public Library. It was determined he was updating a computer, using the Wi-Fi, and a power source was needed.
10:36 AM – Officers responded to IH-35 South of City to assist ACSO, upon arrival all parties had departed.
10:57 AM – While looking for a disturbance, officers located a stranded motorist. They had already called for help, roadside service arrived and got them on their way.
11:10 AM – Civil Matter / Child Custody
12:23 PM – Civil Matter / Child Custody
1:15 PM – Loose Goats, FM 3175 @ IH-35 Access Road
2:36 PM – Two Vehicle Accident @ HEB Parking Lot
4:43 PM – Best Western Plus for a Report of an Abandoned Vehicle
6:33 PM – Dispatch advised of a couple in a vehicle involved in a disturbance, last known location was Main @ McDonald. Officers were unable to locate.
6:41 PM – Officers responded to Main St. and assisted Lytle EMS with a person who fell off his bike, he was checked out and given a ride home by Lytle PD.
8:02 PM – Comp. left her wallet in a grocery bag that she left at HEB Plus. Someone turned in her groceries but her wallet was nowhere to be found.
10:01 PM – Officer made contact with a suspicious male walking around the John’s Small Engine Works. Subject stated he was checking on the status of a report he had dropped off. Officer reminded him the business was closed for business.
10:30 PM – Officer responded to Lil’ Red Schoolhouse for a report of lights on inside the building. Officer checked all doors and windows and found the building to be secure. No signs of criminal activity noted.
11:00 PM – Officer responded to 14800 Blk. of Adams St. for a report of an alarm. Officer spoke to the homeowner who stated he was having issues with the alarm and the alarm company.