Lytle Police Report Mar. 4-10

Mar. 4
2:35 AM – Officers responded to 19600 Blk. of Martin St. for a report of an open trunk on a vehicle. Officer arrived found the trunk to be secure.
3:01 AM – Traffic stop at 19200 Blk. of McDonald St. resulted in the arrest of a 36-year-old male subject for Possession of Marijuana < 2 oz. Subject was also cited for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Subject was transported to Atascosa Co. Jail.
10:10 AM – Complainant stopped by the police station and talked to officer in reference to some missing paperwork at her parent’s residence.
1:20 PM – Officers responded to Hurley Funeral Home and provided funeral escort to the Masonic Cemetery.
2:45 PM – Officers responded to Morales Feed & Supply for a report of suspicious people walking around the area. Officers searched the area, unable to locate anyone.
3:00 PM – Officers responded to HEB Plus for a report of a two vehicle crash.
5:08 PM – Officers responded to 15900 Blk. of Lake Shore Dr. for a report of an unidentified male parked in complainant’s yard smoking a cigarette. Complainant did not make contact but did record a video, unable to read the license plate.
7:00 PM – Officer attended a school safety meeting at Lytle High School.
8:00 PM – Officers responded to IH 35 at Mile Marker 132 NB to assist Border Patrol in a pursuit. The pursuit had already passed Lytle city limits.
Mar. 5
4:31 AM – Officer responded to IH 35 N Frontage Rd. for a report of a washer laying on the frontage road. Officer located an old stove and moved it safe distance off the roadway.
4:42 AM – Officer responded to Valero to unlock a vehicle.
9:00 AM – Officers responded to 19600 Blk. of Benton City Rd. for a report of found property. A handgun was found and turned in for safe keeping.
11:56 AM – Officer responded to 14800 Blk. of Harbour St. to unlock a vehicle.
10:00 PM – Officer responded to 18700 Blk. of Wisdom Rd. to assist Lytle Vol. Fire Dept. with a reported grease fire in a kitchen.
11:50 PM – While on patrol at Lytle-Somerset St. and IH 35 S Frontage Rd. officer noticed the stop sign had been knocked over. A temporary stop sign was placed.
Mar. 6
3:36 AM – Officer responded 15500 Blk. of Main St. for a report of a harassment. Complainant stated that a family member is becoming confrontational and verbally abusive to family members.
3:40 AM – Officer was sent back to 15500 Blk. of Main St. due to individual becoming aggressive with his family members. Officer determined that the individual was a danger to himself and to others resulting in an emergency detention. The officer transported the person to University Hospital.
6:39 PM – Officers responded to HEB Plus for a report of a suspicious person sleeping in front of the store. Officers were unable to locate anyone.
8:30 PM – Officers responded to 15000 Blk. of Gate St. for a report suspicious activity in the area. Officers arrived and were unable to locate any signs of criminal activity.
9:03 PM – Officer responded to 19000 Blk. of McDonald St. for a report of a suspicious person sleeping in a grassy area. Upon arrival, officers located a male subject who stated he was just relaxing and staying out of trouble. Officers offered assistance but he declined.
9:52 PM – Officers responded to 15500 Blk. of Main St. for a report of a civil matter – family dispute.
10:55 PM – Complainant called the Police Station and talked to officers in reference to being allegedly targeted by an unknown male driver while walking on Main St. The complainant stated the driver exited his vehicle and pulled a gun on him. The unknown male then got back into his vehicle and struck the complainant. Case is under investigation.
Mar. 7
12:10 AM – Officer responded to 19500 Blk. of McDonald St. to unlock a vehicle.
7:20 AM – Officer responded to Pumphouse Car Wash for a report of a man laying on the grass. Officer made contact with a homeless male, all was okay.
8:45 AM – Officer responded to 14900 Blk. of Main St. for a request of extra patrol due to a court defendant calling the court office and being argumentative about a pending court case.
9:05 AM – Officer responded to 15000 Blk. of Railroad St. for a report of a truant male juvenile. Officer located the student walking on Railroad St. The juvenile was released to his mother.
10:45 AM – Officers responded to Lytle High School to assist Medina Co. SRO with an unruly student. A female juvenile was detained.
10:55 AM – Complainant stopped by the Police Station and requested information from officer on Texas Transportation Codes in reference to vehicle headlights, taillights and window tint.
11:52 AM – Officer received a report of a natural death at Lytle Nursing Home.
4:15 PM – Officers responded to HEB C-Store for a report of a two vehicle crash.
5:04 PM – Officers responded to HEB Plus to unlock a vehicle.
10:15 PM – Officers responded to 15300 Blk. of Cottage St. to assist Atascosa EMS with a patient.
11:25 PM – Traffic stop resulted in the arrest of 37-year-old male subject for DWLI with Previous Convictions. Subject was transported to the Medina Co. Jail.
Mar. 8
8:56 AM – Officer responded to Morales Feed & Supply for a report of an alarm. Officer spoke with employees and determined all was okay.
11:00 AM – Officers attended the school’s Annual Family Picnic that was held at the Lytle Football Field. Officers were conducting walking patrols to ensure the event was secure and safe for everyone.
1:40 PM – Officers responded to Lytle Jr. High to meet with a CPS investigator. Officers initiated an investigation.
2:25 PM – Officers investigated a two vehicle minor accident.
6:00 PM – Officers issued a citation to a male juvenile for disorderly conduct (fighting in public). The citation is a result of an event that occurred at John Lott Park over a week ago.
7:41 PM – Officer was contacted by a complainant reference a missing person, it was determined the person was missing from another jurisdiction. The complainant was directed to file a report with them.
7:50 PM – Officers assisted CPS with a home visit on Newton St.
9:00 PM – Officers checked the area of Richard Dr. for a man wearing a hoodie and riding a bike around the area, they were unable to locate.
Mar. 9
3:00 AM – Officer conducted a traffic stop in the 15000 Blk. of Main St. and arrested a 35-year-old male subject for DWI – 3rd. He was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
2:51 PM – Officer dispatched to Pretty Baby hair salon on Priest Blvd. for a vehicle lockout.
4:28 PM – Officers investigated a report of a minor two vehicle accident at the Whataburger parking lot.
5:38 PM – Officer spoke with a complainant in regard to some concerns he had about one of his employees.
6:58 PM – Officers responded to a report of a suspicious person at H.E.B. Upon arrival officers interviewed person and determined he was a danger to himself or others due to his current state of mind. He was transported by Ofc. Pena to SW General Hospital.
9:20 PM – Officers responded to the 18300 Blk. of Wisdom Rd. for an alarm, it was determined to be a false alarm.
Mar. 10
12:21 AM – Officer assisted ACSO Deputy on FM 3175 by serving as a translator at a noise complaint.
11:15 AM – Dispatched to a residential alarm on Martin St., when almost on scene it was cancelled.
2:25 PM – Unknown person broke out the window of an unlocked vehicle in the Whataburger parking lot; they went through the console and removed nothing (including some change).
3:20 PM – Unknown person damaged a door handle on a pickup in the AutoZone parking lot; it appears they may have been trying to break in.
4:50 PM – Officers took a report of a missing person, it was determined that the person was okay.