Lytle PD has toilet paper for seniors, those with special needs

We are in some strange times, just hang in there though. Our staff handled 58 calls for service this past week. Crime hasn’t stopped, but it has slowed down. We had two property crimes reported last week. A nice couple went into Bealls and then took off with about $125 worth of clothes. They had a lot more stuff, but the clerk stopped them at the door and they dropped some of their loot. Our next event occurred at the Dollar General. A car load of people got out and one of the occupants took a couple small hand baskets full of batteries. He left behind a female, officers interviewed her….she had a lot of makeup but when she went to pay for it…..she realized she forgot her money! We hear that one a lot. Fortunately, she had a felony dope warrant out of Bexar Co. so she got a ride to the county jail, she won’t need any money there. I’m sure she is real happy with the fellow that left her there.

We had one more arrest; it was the result of a suspicious activity call at the Grand Somerset Apartments. Officers located a male that had a domestic violence warrant out of Medina Co. He was taken to jail and with gas prices so low the 64 mile round trip didn’t take a bite out of our budget.

Times have really changed, I’m old enough to remember when kids threw toilet paper rolls into trees and eggs at your house. If that were the case now, I would have my kids out there trying to catch the eggs and intercept the toilet paper rolls. If you asked me about the major causes of disturbances a year ago, I would have said alcohol would be #1. If we keep on this pace, I can easily see toilet paper (which was a long shot last year) taking the lead as we enter the backstretch.

While I’m on the topic of toilet paper….a local retailer donated some TP to us. The plan is that seniors or those with special needs can pick up a roll or two of TP at the police station. Please pass this information on to those that may be in need. 

Let’s all try to do our part and really get good at this social distancing stuff. Visit the CDC website for up-to-date COVID-19 information. This is serious folks.

The City Council appointed Erik Dahler to fill the unexpired term of the late Ruble Farmer. The city voted to move the municipal elections to November because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so Erik will serve until the elections. Erik has served on the council in the past and brings a wealth of experience (he has served as a city administrator as well as being a hot shot lawyer for several big public outfits) the only problem is that he is an attorney. This means we will have two attorneys on our city council! I will have to be doubly careful about telling lawyer jokes.