My kiddos have been putting our poor cats down the slide a lot lately, but don’t worry it’s just “because they like it”—or so my daughter says. In fact the kitties go down the slide more often than the kiddies do. They are leery of the slide because it’s one of those that send you flying forward a few extra feet at the end. The cats are actually a lot more skilled and adept at landing that slide.

Little Tucker gets so much momentum that he is literally airborne for 2 feet before his behind hits the dirt.

I even tried it out the first day to test it, and I didn’t’ do much better at landing on my feet. It must have been quite entertaining for the guys who were there building the playground for us.

It’s a 2-story playground with sort of a little tree house on top, so we’ve had a lot of fun with it, and a lot of picnics in the playhouse.

Tucker has a good ol’ time waving to people from atop the tower as they drive by, and he especially likes to greet our mailwoman and the package delivery guys. We are getting A LOT of packages since I’m avoiding going to the store as much as I can. Every time one of them pulls up, he frantically tries to get their attention, yelling “Hi! Hi! Hi!” until they eventually spot the loud little guy in the tower and respond. They are always a little surprised, but also tickled, and it probably makes their day to see someone so happy to see them. You’d think they were delivering toys instead of groceries. I’m sure Tucky’s enthusiastic greeting beats the way everyone’s dogs greet them! Those poor guys!