Luck “changes on a dime”

Our officers handled 62 calls for service this past week. That is an increase over what we have been seeing lately, with our average numbers of weekly calls running about 45. A total of 35 traffic stops were conducted in which 29 of those resulted in citations and the remaining 6 were warnings.
For all the calls we had there wasn’t that much actual criminal activity with only one reported property crime. A guest at Days Inn reported a Yeti cooler taken out of the back of a truck, hey we all know people love to steal those things. What thief wouldn’t want a $400 ice chest to trade for drugs?
Our call of the week would be a story of how your luck can “change on a dime.” You lose your wallet, that’s bad luck. A good citizen finds it and turns it into the police, that’s good luck. The police find you to release your wallet and determine you have a felony warrant out of Bexar Co., that’s bad luck. So Ofc. David Lopez hauls you off to jail, but at least you don’t have to worry about your wallet. I can’t make this stuff up.
The “runner up” call of the week was when Lt. Dear and I responded to H.E.B. aisle 28 for a fire. A customers E-Cigarette battery exploded, blew a hole in her purse and covered all the contents in soot. Luckily she had only very minor injury. I have heard about this but this is the first time we have dealt with one.
It is hard to believe that I graduated from Lytle High School 30 years ago this month! Either we aren’t having a reunion or I wasn’t invited, either option is totally believable.