I finally made it to the grocery store to get some Half & Half which doubles as milk for cereal and creamer for my coffee. For the last week I had resorted to using baby formula in my coffee. It was the closest thing to creamer I had at home. My husband thought it was revolting, but hey, if it’s good enough for the baby, it’s good enough for me. I say anything’s better than black coffee!
Lots of baby supplies are pretty useful really, especially those wipes. You can wash your seven-year-olds sticky hands anywhere with those!
A couple months ago I was dining at a popular seafood restaurant and my mom and I decided to order the Pureed Sweet Potatoes topped with whipped cream and nuts. It was very, very good. But as I walked down the grocery store isle looking for formula, the sweet potato baby food caught my eye. That’s when it occurred to me that the fancy $4 side dish at the fancy seafood restaurant was nothing but baby food topped with whipped cream and nuts. I’ll bet the head chef has a baby that likes sweet potatoes.
If you are wondering if I bought a pack of sweet potatoes just to experiment, yes-yes I did. But blah, it doesn’t taste the same without whipped cream and nuts. Now banana baby food—if you’ve never tried that—that stuff is delicious. I’ve eaten that since I was a teenager and had a toddler sister. Poor thing, she probably never got to taste any bananas as a baby, cause me and my sibling snatched it up first.
Well, now if you run out of coffee creamer, and you have baby supplies at home, you know what to do!