Love and Water Balloon War

We had a fun day at Devine Acres this Saturday. Mommy even got to ride the barrel train. I won’t say my knees enjoyed the cramped quarters with toddlers sitting on me, but it was really fun, goes a lot faster than I thought it could, sort of like a country roller coaster. The toddlers were screaming with delight every time we went around the bend. Tucky loved the gem stone mining activity, the duck races, and of course, the jumping pad (his all-time favorite).
That evening we had a modern water balloon fight with cousin Audrey and my two kids. I say modern, because my sister bought the fancy ones that fill up 20 balloons at one time. I’d never seen them in action before, they are truly amazing. I’ve always been too cheap to buy those new fangled water balloons, and usually get the “fill yourself” kind from the dollar stores. But I might make a little splurge next time.
I’ll tell you what though, those balloons go just as fast as you fill them. Easy come, easy go. Of course, I was smart enough to grab little baby Kenneth so I wouldn’t get water bombed. My sister had to fend for herself while I sat comfortably in a lawn chair, with a baby shield. Little Audrey was kind enough to use some of the water bombs to water my plants instead of attacking her cousins, so that was nice. My children the teenager and the toddler went at each other with a vengeance. I know they love each other, but they don’t like to show it very often. What is that saying? All is fair in love and water balloon war I guess. Tuckers favorite thing to do is like a shot put throw, where he holds the water balloon in one hand and swings around in a circle to launch it.
Later that evening, we played a game of Simon Says, and that’s always fun to watch. Tucker’s a little too high strung to follow the rules or even realize them in that game. I never was very good at that game either. But it does keep him standing fairly still in one general area for quite a while, so cheers to that!
We’ve done water balloons several times over the past few weeks, and somehow, he’s never “accidentally” hit me with any of them. Pretty amazing. Maybe he’s gonna be a champion shot put thrower, trained with water balloons (and the importance of not hitting mom so she’ll keep filling them up). I guess all is fair in love and water balloon war–AS LONG AS YOU DON’T HIT MOM WITH ONE!