Cant take her anyway

Not much rain to speak of recently…only 14.6 inches for Black Creek Estates in 2022. Sposed to be some on the way this week so, we’ll see. Went to vote Monday morning and Katie Shults done broke one of the machines. Can’t take her anywhere…
For those who have been trying to contact our office this last two weeks, we have been without telephone or computer service since October 7th. This is a result of a mistake made by AT&T and they are in no hurry to accept responsibility or expedite the repair. Remember when their commercial said “We may be the only phone company in town but, we try not to act like it”? Now they do. They can flip a switch and stop service but, it takes an act of Congress to flip it back on. Does no good whatsoever to complain.
The public overwhelmingly approved the County to proceed with a Grant application to address the flooding issues in the D’Hanis area. The application process is gonna cost us about $45,000 but I am understanding that this will be reimbursed or included as an expense in the grant itself.
Pct 1 advertised for bids to remodel and add on to their office and got the required 3 bids. I can’t believe the cost of materials. The low bid was a little over $134,000! More than it cost me to build my 2,500 sq ft house including the 2 car garage.
Early voting started Monday and the parking lot at the Annex remained full almost all day. I think this is a good sign. We have got to start taking our country back so, why not start now. I am hoping that all the incumbent Democrat office holders are voted out of office. Our current Democratic Socialist regime has to be dismantled soon. Our children and grandchildren need the opportunity to grow up in the same country that our generation grew up in. My apologies to the Greatest Generation.
For those of you, who think that the bigger the number of political signs along the roadway, the better the candidate, please stay home.
Early voting numbers for the County were up quite a bit. At the Devine/Natalia site located at the County Annex building across from Tractor Supply there were 357 folks showed up to vote on the first day. In Castroville, 533 voted and in Hondo, 400 voted. We need to pick it up a little over here.
There is a possibility that we will begin the process of paving Zig Zag Rd. from SH 132 to the city limits out towards Rose Hill. Depends on the City Contractor and the weather.
We still need folks to pray for rain. It has cooled off a little but, we need rain.