Lots happening at Medina County Commissioners Court

All commissioners and Judge Schuchart were present for the March 25 Commissioners Court meeting, as well as 8 guests. The meeting opened with the external audit, which was favorable and found “very strong asset position… nothing in the report gives us cause for alarm,” and in relation to the Coronavirus Relief Funding “We saw nothing that indicated [CRF] funding was spent incorrectly and the audit found no material or accounting shortcomings.” The audit report shows revenue streams for the county as follows (smaller items have been omitted) : Property Tax- $14.1 million, Sales Tax- $3.1 mil, Charges for Services- $1.6 mil, Fines & Forfeitures- $610k, Intergovernmental- $495k, Misc.- $385k; Total: $20.5 mil.
Major expenses: Public Safety- $7.2 mil, Administration- $6.2 mil, Legal- $3.3 mil, Capital Outlay- $1.8 mil, Health & Welfare- $413k; Total: $19.3 mil. Revenue minus expenses: $1.2 mil
An agreement was approved between Medina Co. and the San Antonio Food Bank to provide 48,000 pounds of food at a cost to the county of 25¢ per pound. According to Judge Chris Schuchart, “This agreement started as a 5-page document which placed many responsibilities and commitments on the county. We got it down to 1 page that only commits us to pay the $12,000.”
The Medina County Historical Commission and Medina Valley SWCD #22 were provided $1,000 each for annual operating expenses.
Change orders for the ongoing Medina County Annex project were approved, valued at -$15k and $1k, for a net reduction in project cost of $14k. Most change orders make projects more expensive; this is a welcome change.
The last stage of Portranco Ranch subdivision was approved, consisting of roads and utilities owned and maintained by the Public Improvement Distric (PID) and respective utilities providers. The Portranco Ranch project as a whole was 470 lots planned as a 20-year buildout but due to high demand has been completed in 7. Average house value is around ~$465k and Commissioner Larry Sittre described the project as “a model for Medina County,” though many may see the encroachment of San Antonio as a loss to those who already live in the county and enjoy the natural & agricultural beauty.
Preliminary approval was given to vacate and replat Lot 1, Diana Carmona Subdivision off of CR6611 in Pct. 4 (MV Surveys).
Final approval was given to vacate and replat Lot 426, Dancing Bear Subdivision Unit 8A off of FM 1283 in Pct. 1 (MV Surveys).
East Medina County Special Utility District is applying for a grant to upgrade their water line size in the CR5710 area between Pcts. 3 & 4. Commissioner Jerry Beck said the area has been underserved for some time. The grant application requires that the applicant put up 5% of the total grant value. EMCSUD is putting up more than is required in order to improve their application; They are committing $25k and this Community Development Block Grant is valued up to $350k.
Private Road 6760 was established in Pct 3, going south off of CR 678 W near Natalia.
Congressman Tony Gonzalez will be visiting the Devine Annex building (across from Tractor Supply) on April 22 from noon to 2 PM and will be available to the public.
FEMA is providing funeral cost assistance for families of deceased COVID patients. The applicant must be a legal US resident and be able to provide a death certificate that shows the place of death as US soil or territory and the cause of death as COVID-19. More information is available at fema.gov/disasters/coronavirus/economic/funeral-assistance
By Kyle G. Saathoff
Staff Writer