Looking Past the Hot and Dry

From time to time in the Tales I scribble, and the kind Ms. K. Holder allows to be published, I reference one of the “sayings” that was used in the Rosenauer Clan back when I was a child. For the Record, that was a LONG time ago! Some have hung around and I am recalling one today. While working long and hard, as most farmers did and STILL do, my Grand Dad would sometimes say:

“I don’t know if the work is getting harder or I am just taking it harder”. That seemed kind of strange to me as a youngster, but let me assure you kind readers, I FULLY understand it now.
The routine chores that go along with trying to be a good land steward, whether on a personal property, or as a practicing professional, are a LOT harder these days than a few years ago. I think a good bit of that fact is due to those extra Birthday candles on the celebratory tortillas, but some of it is because times have been hot and dry for a good spell.
I was reading the other day about the last 22 years being called a MEGADROUGTH in the Southwestern part of the United States. I am no Meteorologist for sure, but it does seem to me we have been having some consistent hot and dry spells for a while, compared to wet and cold times. Of course, part of that is to be expected, given where we choose to live.
The National Weather Service and The Farmer’s Almanac are saying there is a good chance the Winter of 2023 will be cooler and wetter than “normal” for our neck of the woods.
I am not even beginning to pretend to have the skills necessary to professionally comment on that viewpoint. But there are a few things I can say with a high degree of certainty.
If you are a “warm weather person”, maybe this period has been okay for you. But I am casting my vote for the opportunity to “shiver” just a little bit more.
I have gotten the fine art of “sweating” down to a T, and don’t need any more practice for a spell. And the livestock, wildlife, vegetation, and water tables here in La Brasada, all could sure use a change as well.