Getting cooler finally…

Getting cooler finally…could be (for those of you who read last week’s edition) cause Lewis Stroud had a meeting with the Pope. Or, it could be because it is that time of year. And, no, it is not because of global warming. Global warming is a farce being force fed to the populace to further an agenda that is ultimately designed to make the American people compliant with the will of the Federal Government. Kinda early to rant ain’t it?

We remembered 9-11 on Monday. My, how things have changed. Remember the state of mind after the Muslims attacked the Twin Towers? Remember the mass security changes that were put in place at our airports after that? Now, 22 years later, getting on an airplane is more difficult but, we just let them in at our southern border with no screening at all.
Thankfully, our Governor sends bus loads of these future Democrat voters to Democratic sanctuary cities where they are welcome…until they become a burden. Then these cities blame our Governor and then they realize that it is the Federal Governments responsibility to help pay for their upkeep. Now, the maroons in Washington want to keep them in Texas.
Got some information from our State Representative Andrew Murr about a source of funding for sidewalks that are needed along SH 173 near the schools. I forwarded the information to the Mayor and Councilman Richey. Hopefully, the information will produce results.
Another interesting idea is to take the treated water from the sewer plant and run it up to the Golf Course to not only give the aquifer a break but provide them with an unending source of reused water. This was brought up many years ago but, fell on deaf ears. With the current drought situation, we should get some interest in a project like this.
Guess folks read about the tax rate passed by Commissioners Court which, although lowered, brought in over a million dollars in new money even after the freeze on 65 and older taxpayers. Same will happen within the city (not the same amount but, the same effect).
Got a dose of Sammy Smith math the other morning. According to him, the Longhorns went down in the polls from #11 to #4. Don’t ask for change for a dollar from him.
There will be an ESD meeting at the Firehouse on CR 5710 on the 19th at 7 PM. I urge all that can make it to go and listen. It will be interesting and, hopefully, productive.
Continue to pray for rain…seems like those to our north have been logging more prayer time than us round here.  And be specific…at Comm. Ct. the other day, Rev. Bruhn prayed for 6 inches of rain and got it…out near Rocksprings but, it happened.