Local Officials: Road conditions deteriorating

There have already been 3 accidents this morning between 4am-7am said the Devine Volunteer Fire Department, who helped work the accidents in our area. Local officials are urging you to “stay home” if you can, noting “we haven’t had conditions like these in years.”

“We are going to probably see ice in places we’ve never seen ice before,” said one local official, working to treat the roads. “There have been patches of ice here and there, especially on the bridges. We are treating them as quickly as we can, but it’s getting colder and colder.”

“The combination of low temps for several days, and then the extreme low temps we are expected to see, is creating conditions we haven’t seen in years.”

“Stay off the road way if you can, and go slowly and carefully when you approach bridges. It comes in waves, and we are treating ice patches but they are always coming back.”

Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown had two words for local residents– “Stay Home.

Frio County Sheriff’s Office has also seen multiple accidents.

“We are advising all Frio County citizens to avoid the highways if possible. We are assisting with several traffic crash scenes along with the Texas Highway Patrol and TXDOT. If you must drive we recommend driving at lower speeds than normal. Please be safe.”

Lytle Pd Richey Priest notes “It is getting worse out there, we are seeing lots of ice forming.”