Urgent: Devine residents AEP is attempting to turn power ON! Please Help make a success!

Officials have some good news and important warnings for the residents in City of Devine. The electric company will be trying to turn the power on soon, and they are hoping everyone will cooperate so that it doesn’t overload again.

“City received notice AEP will be powering up electricity to day. This is a gradual process but imperative everyone TURNS OFF WATER HEATERS AND KEEPS THERMOSTATS IN THE 60’S. Please do these things so we have a smooth transition,” said Councilwoman Kathy Lawler.
Also remember to BOIL WATER.

Related topics….Boil water notices were issued for almost all local entities.

The snow has brought lots of fun, but also lots of challenges. Some City of Devine residents have been without power over 50 hours. Power outages also prevented City wells from refilling the water tower to make matters worse. Photo by Angela Bowyer.