Local 2nd grader airlifted to SA with serious injuries

Millie’s family is happy to report that she is out of ICU. Friends and family have started a fundraiser to help with the long road to recovery.

On the evening of Monday, Februrary 6, eight-year-old Mileena “Millie” Rios, of Lytle, was hanging out with her mom and her pony, Einstein. All of the sudden, she was thrown from the pony and gravely injured. Lifeflight was called and she was taken to University Hospital via helicopter. Millie is a 2nd grader at Lytle Primary School. After a very scary week in the ICU, Millie was moved to a lower acuity floor, and her family is happy to report she is eating and walking on her own some now, as of this Monday.
“We are finally out of icu,” said her mother Dana Rios. “She walked today and laughed for the 1st time since the accident. The doctors are all pleased with her progress, it’s truly a blessing from God how well she’s done. We still have a long road to recovery, but she’s tough! No word on when she’ll be released.
Family and friends came together to create a fundraiser in this time of great need. The family submitted the following information about Millie’s condition and letting the community know how you can help:
“Millie was in critical condition and it was touch and go, we thought we were going to lose her. Thankfully she is now improving every day. Millie has several skull fractures, a broken collar bone and some broken ribs. She was initially intubated and sedated to protect her brain but, thankfully, was extubated today and breathing on her own. Her prognosis is good but still uncertain and her family needs your support. We all know how medical bills, food and transportation can add up and we truly appreciate all of your help.”
“Millie is a sweet but sassy little girl and so much fun! She definitely has her momma’s attitude. She loves Jesus and going to children’s church at Cowboy Fellowship. She loves jujitsu and is ready to put anyone into submission at any time. She also loves rocks and anything that involves science. Millie is a joy to be around and is loved so much by her friends and family!”
“Life sometimes throws curveballs and there is nothing more inspiring than to see people pull together when someone is in need! Dana and Ernest’s focus needs to be on this sweet angel and her recovery. We have no idea how long she will be in the hospital and not to mention how long she will need rehabilitation and aftercare when that time comes. So please help in any way possible as every single dollar will make a positive impact. There is no donation too small or too large as this will go directly to this beautiful family in such a devastating time. Mileena is one tough cookie so we’re all rooting for her from many states across the US and even other countries! “
Millie is the daughter of Ernest and Dana Rios.
Mrs. Rios stated, “We are so grateful to have such a wonderful support system. I don’t think I could have made it without them.”
The Go Fund Me can be found at:
The fundraiser was organized in part by Krysti Schneider. Around $8,000 of the $50,000 goal has been raised.