$500 Million dollar
“Server Farm”
coming to our area

By Anton Reicher and Kayleen Holder
A major industrial project is in the offing on County Road 6712 between Natalia and Lytle. The site will soon be what some local officials refer to as a “server farm,” explained as a cluster of thousands of computer servers interconnected to provide maximum performance.
According to Stephanie Blanks, it will be a “hyperscale data center” and they closed on the land at the end of October. “It’s estimated to be a 500 million dollar investment, creating around 20 jobs. They are still conducting due diligence so there is no date for estimated start of construction,” Blanks said.
Pct. 3 Commissioner David Lynch said it will significantly raise the tax base in his precinct, and he will be meeting with representatives soon about the high-dollar development.
Supplying water to the site is expected to require “about a mile and a half of upgrades,” said Superintendent Bruce Alexander at East Medina Water district.
As to the name of the company, local officials are still under a NDA. Look for more details soon.