Licking the bowl

I bought some of that healthy yogurt ice cream, which tastes surprisingly good. Even my 7 year-old daughter couldn’t tell it wasn’t real ice cream. After finishing up a big bowl of it, my husband started laughing as she smashed the bowl up to her face, licking and slurping up every last bit of it. I was also eating ice cream on the other side of the couch in the recliner, and kind of had my back turned. He commented, while he laughed with a smile, “Remember the good old days, Mommy?….when we used to lick the bowl after eating all our ice cream?”
I just spun the recliner around and smiled, “What are you talking about? I just licked my bowl clean too!”
Now I am 8 months pregnant, so that might be why I was inclined to lick the bowl, but after doing it, I can’t imagine why I ever stopped. After all, good ice cream is good ice cream, even the very last of it.
Sure, I didn’t lick it up quite as clean as my daughter did; you’ve got to be willing to get your forehead, nose, and your hair a little sticky to do that good of a job, but I did a pretty good job for a 30-year-old mom, if I do say so myself.
There’s a lot of ways I can’t keep up with the kids. Just watching my little girl jumping up and down on her trampoline for what seems like hours on end makes me tired. I can’t seem to stay up really late anymore. I can’t run a mile (despite the pledge I made as a naive teenager to never lose that ability), and I probably can’t even beat my 7-year-old in a race across the yard, but I sure know how to enjoy ice cream just as good as the rest of the kids!
Now then, this morning after we ate waffles, I watched my daughter lick up all the extra syrup on the plate. She snuck a spoonful of butter too while she was at it. I looked down at my plate and thought about it, but I decided better of it. I think I’m past my syrup licking days, and definitely past my butter dipping days.
Hope you get some yummy ice cream today, and don’t forget to lick the bowl!