38 calls, 47 traffic stops, two arrests

Here is the latest news you can use from the Lytle Police Department, or maybe a better description would be “What we did last week.”
A total of 38 calls for police service were generated and officers made 47 traffic stops. Of those 47 stops 27 resulted in citations being issued and the remaining 20 were either written or verbal warnings.
On to the crime reports! We took a couple interesting reports this past week. At HEB last Wednesday an elderly female reported she was unloading items from her motorized shopping cart into her vehicle. She said that an unknown person took her oxygen tank and regulator. I classify stealing an elderly person’s oxygen as shall I say “pretty sorry”.
On Friday Capt. Reyes responded to Community National Bank to investigate an attempted break in of the ATM building. A fellow skilled (well not skilled enough I guess) in the use of a power tool tried to gain access to the ATM, he didn’t get in but did some damage to the door.
We had two arrests this past week. Ofc. D. Lopez made a possession of marijuana case on a driver after he was stopped for a traffic violation. Maybe this cold weather fooled this guy into thinking he was in Colorado or something. The next arrest was a cite and release at HEB Plus. A suspect was cited for theft after he was observed concealing items that included a phone case, USB cord and a knife sharpener. He was also found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. On a happy note it appeared that a couple crooks were going to push out two cartloads of items but the police activity with the shoplifter caused them to abandon their loot. To them I say I’m sorry that Lt. Dear and Ofc. Lopez ruined your big party that you had planned for Saturday afternoon. We at the Lytle Police Dept. would prefer that those wishing to steal from businesses and residents of our community go elsewhere. Well I guess my first choice would be to not steal at all, but if they can bring themselves to do that than at least don’t do it here.