Legacy Bowl scholarships awarded

Brenda Fernandez with Natalia scholarship recipients Tori Wootan and Felicia Guzman.
Fernandez and Eric Smith with Lytle scholarship recipients Samantha Dear and Caleb Carrillo.

The 2017-2018 Legacy Bowl scholarships were awarded recently during the Lytle and Natalia Senior Awards banquets.
Tori Wootan and Felicia Guzman received Natalia’s scholarships, while Samantha Dear and Caleb Carrillo were awarded Lytle’s.
Thanks to sponsorships from over 25 businesses in Devine, Natalia, Lytle, Atascosa, Hondo, and San Antonio, each of these four college-bound seniors will be awarded at least $500. Thanks to Lytle ISD, $1.00 from each ticket sold to the Natalia-Lytle football game also went toward the scholarships.
Congratulations to these four talented seniors.