Lady Mustang powerlifters win third straight Regional title, send seven to State

Seven Lady Mustang powerlifters are headed to the State meet following a dominating performance that saw Natalia score 41 points to win its Regional title in a row.
Jalesca Schorsch, Gabby Munoz, Jasmine Ramon, and Jiselle Gonzales each won their weight class and are headed to State. Joining them are Meg Martinez, Kate Robinson, Angelica Padilla, and Dominique Banda.
Schorsch also had the Most Outstanding Squat in the Lightweight Division with a 375lb. squat, while Munoz had the Most Outstanding Squat in the Heavyweight Division with a 475lb. squat.
“These girls just earned 3 consecutive Regional Championships in the strongest region in Texas!” Coach Jasmine Vasquez said. “They battled some unforeseen adversity and stuck it out like champions. We couldn’t be more proud of this group. We walked in with an army and the girls continued to protect the tradition of all the Lady Mustangs before them. As we celebrate the win, we also prepare for the true test with a State Title on the line. Time to go to work!”
Team Results
1st Natalia 42, 2nd Cotulla 20, 3rd Skidmore-Tynan 19.

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Lady Mustang results (Class-Place-Lifter-Squat-Bench-Deadlift-Total)
114lb-1st-Jalesca Schorsch-375-170-295-840; 181lb-1st-Gabby Munoz-475-185-390-1050; 198lb-1st-Jasmine Ramon-415-195-380-990; 220lb-Jiselle Gonzales-1st-460-280-400-1140; 105lb-2nd-Meg Martinez-250-200-265-715; 220lb-3rd-Kate Robinson-425-200-350-975; 132lb-6th-Angelia Padilla-315-185-275-775; 114lb-7th-Dominique Banda-290-140-245-675; 259+lbs-7-Rubiana Juarez-300-180-320-800; 198lb-9th-Araceley Segovia-355-155-325-835; 114lb-13-Ava Sanchez-225-125-210-560; 123lb-15th-Isabella Martinez-250-155-240-645; 148lb-17th-Kylee Spangler-290-145-275-710; 259lb-12th-Isabel Laque-280-175-290-745; 259lb-17th-Olivia Velasquez=325-135-225-685; 259lb-19th-Arriana Romero-285-135-255-675; 105lb-21st-Karianna Sanchez-125-95-225-445; 198lb-22nd-Jovi Velasquez-230-130-265-625; 181lb-23rd-Marina Billalobos-250-130-270-650; 123lb-28th-Abigail Fulton-240-115-225-580; 123lb-29th-Rebekah Sanchez-235-90-240-565.
By Marly Davis
Staff Writer