JV Warhorses tie Eagles

Hosting Pleasanton in a scrimmage on February 12th, the JV Warhorses used the time to work on their fundamentals against another aggressive, young team. With a chance to try different players in different positions six different Warhorses saw time on the mound. Armando Gutierrez, Carlos Gutierrez, Joey Blanquiz, Evan Priest, Jacob Barron and Darren Lafferty each threw as pitcher. Brady Hackebeil and Hayden Brumage split time behind the plate as catchers. Darren Lafferty, Hackebeil, and Carlos Gutierrez each had base hits and the final score was 1-1 with no time left before the varsity game.
“With more practice and more game experience, I am positive that this team will give themselves every opportunity to be successful on the diamond,” said Coach Bart Oropeza.
The JV Warhorses will head to Floresville for a tournament this weekend and then play Somerset and Harlandale in Somerset on March 1st.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer