JV Arabians play Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg was just a little too much for the JV Arabians to handle on February 26th, in the 4-14 loss. The Arabians could not connect bat and ball. Devine lost 4-14 but were only down 4-5 until the bottom of the fifth when Fredericksburg scored 10 runs.
“Overall we started off well for this game but unfortunately did not match the hitting numbers Fredericksburg put up. They simply out hit us and we did not come back on offense to hit and score the runs to keep us in the game. We are getting better each game and I am excited for the upcoming Marion tournament this week,” state Coach Megan Perez.
Lindsey Herrera 1 walk, 1 triple. Dawn Morris 1 stolen base. Mia Ramirez 1 single. Cece Rodriguez 1 double. Alex Pedroza 1 stolen base. Dazzle Coronado 1 walk, 1 double.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer