Hamboogers and Robot Vacuum Cleaners

We cooked hamburgers the other night, and when Daddy got home A’Dell decided to pretend our kitchen was a restaurant. She quickly put on her new apron and ran to him to “take his order”.
“Would you like a hambooger, sir?” she asked politely.
“No, I don’t want a booger,” he replied sarcastically.
“It’s not a booger!” A’Dell exclaimed, “It’s a ham-booger!”
Apparently, that’s really the way she thought it was pronounced.
After we got past the boogers and burgers mix-up, she continued to take the rest of our orders. Of course, with everything we ordered, it was followed by the question, “Ok ma’am, and how do you spell that?” so that she could write it on her little notepad. We eventually got to eat all the good food we ordered.
I had a lot of fun over the holiday break with my little waitress wanna-be.
My dad bought all of us kids one of those funny robot vacuum cleaners, and that provided us with a great deal of entertainment throughout the week. They are kind of mesmerizing to watch, and surprisingly not very complicated to operate. Once you turn it on and let it go it just kind of roams around and does its thing going from wall to wall. It also has a “spot cleaning” feature that makes it thoroughly clean a 3×3 space. Once it runs out of batteries, it goes back to its charging station on its own (although ours has a hard time finding it sometimes).
But it doesn’t just pick up dirt. We found another great use for it, for which our robot got its new name. You see, I hate swishing spiders, so when A’Dell spotted a spider, we decided to set the robot vacuum loose in that area and pushed the “spot clean” button. It sucked that nasty spider right up! So we named it Spiderman!
Of course, before you use the robot, you have to sort of clean up and make sure there’s no clothes or string or other things hazardous to a vacuum lying around. But let me tell you a robot vacuum cleaner sure gives a seven-year-old kid great motivation to get it picked up quickly. She sure doesn’t want it sucking up any of her little things that are generally lying around.
Spiderman makes house-cleaning a lot more fun!