Garcia found deceased along train tracks

A passerby alerted local authorities that a male was seen slumped over along the train tracks this past Thursday night, July 5. Police responded to the tragic scene around 2:30 am. at the FM 471 crossing just inside Natalia. Sadly, the man, who was later identified as 35-year-old Mark Garcia, was found to be deceased at the scene. According to Natalia PD, Garcia had recently moved to Natalia with his family.
“Officers responded and did locate the subject who had sustained a severe head injury. EMS was summoned and determined there were no signs of life, and the body was transferred to the Bexar County Forensic Science Center where he was positively identified,” said Natalia PD Chief Gilbert Rodriguez. “Union Pacific was contacted and we are in the process of reviewing this case.”
If you would like to assist the local families faced with tragedy you can contact Natalia PD.
“Officer Margo Fernandez has started a little program for families who are down on their luck or needing assistance,” said Chief Rodriguez. “You can contact her at our office if you’d like to help.”
Natalia PD can be reached at 830-665-5552.