Freshmen/JV wrap up season with loss to Carrizo Springs

The somewhat discombobulated 2018 Freshman/JV Devine Warhorse season ended last Thursday night with a 24-44 loss to the Wildcats in Carrizo Springs. Having to condense the freshmen and JV to one team due to injuries on the varsity level early in the year, the “JV” team competed tough through the final game against mostly older competition.
“Although, we came up short in this game I am proud that our boys continued to fight for four quarters,” stated Coach Bart Oropeza. “These boys played some tough opponents during our non-district schedule and walked away with some victories and some narrow defeats. Then, we played a JV district schedule and the boys just continued to play tough. We didn’t finish the way we wanted to, but I have to say that this group of boys are some good hardnosed Warhorses. There is no doubt that these boys are going to work hard in the offseason and will continue to compete in the future.”
Carrizo Springs scored first making the score 6 to 0 but the Warhorses turned right around to march down the field. Brady Hackebeil scored a touchdown and Xavier Contreras followed with the 2-point conversion to put the Horses up 8-6.
Xavier scored Devine’s second touchdown and he added the two-point conversion. Brady Hackebeil ran back a Carrizo kickoff for a score and Xavier once again scored the 2-point conversion. Zack Nowicki and Peyton Carr ran well for the Horses, picking up some good yards along the way.
“Although the score doesn’t show it, the Freshman/JV Warhorses played tough,” said defensive signal caller Coach Juan Gonzalez. “We had Carrizo third and long and fourth and long multiple times, but had a blown assignment or just missed tackles that Carrizo took advantage of and made plays.
Even though we lost our last game, I am very proud of this group of young men. We played some good talented teams and competed well with them. Win or lose, as a coach all we ask for is each individual’s full effort every play. Yes, we had busted assignments and missed tackles, but I never once doubted their effort, and I thank them for that. This is a great group of kids, and I look forward to the future this group will have.”
Final roster
Playing football is a tough hobby. Two-a-days in the Texas heat, long practices, bumps and bruises, and maintaining academic eligibility are difficult things to handle for high school players. The following young men made it through the entire season; that is an accomplishment worth noting. Congratulations Horses on representing yourself, your teammates and coaches, and your community with pride!
#1 Brady Hackebeil, #3 Sage Cruz, #4 Outlaw Walker, #5 Zachary Rico, #6 Gus Puente, #8 Xavier Contreras, #9 Riley Barton, #10 Alan Perez, #13 Wyatt Spivey, #14 Mason Martinez, #15 Zack Nowicki, #16 Hadyn Brummage, #17/53 Cody Trammell, #18 Peyton Carr, #19 Michael Reichel, #20 Hayden DuBose, #21 Jadon West, #23 Jared Fernandez, #24 Christopher Ortiz, #24 Nick Romero, #28 Jeremy Casillas, #29/55 Abraham Gallegos, #30 Hunter Reyes, #32 Ryan Applewhite, #34 Justin Rozier, #35 Drake Brown, #50 Ryan Castro, #51 Robert Ramirez, #54 Gabriel Hewtty, #57 Xavier Garza, #63 Joseph Blanquiz, #64 Terry Cristanelli, #65 Kannon Ramirez, #70 Jacob Delany, #71 Jeffery Seal, #72 Austin Reyes.
Coach Oropeza and Coach Gonzalez wanted to give a final “Thank You!” to all of these players on a great and memorable season.
By Jerel Beaty
Staff Writer