Freshmen Arabians remain undefeated

Bandera attempted to use a zone defense against the Freshman Arabians but it was unsuccessful. “Great passing and post moves combined with our signature smothering defense and break away offense there was a lot to cheer about. It is fun to watch a team run designed plays, to watch the teamwork together. Moving the ball to create open shots and then finishing at the basket, that is exciting basketball. I am very proud of this year’s basketball team and the intensity and abilities they bring to the court. It is more fun to rein them in than to spur them on,” said Coach Mark Mangold.
Kendall Marek and Yesika Garza led all scorers with 10 points each, Lacey Shook 9, Mayah Brogden 7, Kaydi Yeats 3, Emily Cruz and Marianna Hutton with 2 each.
With a final score of 43-15, the Freshman Arabians remain undefeated at 7-0 and will have a break until December 14 when they face Boerne and then travel to Cotulla on December 18th.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer