JV Warhorses edge Natalia

Last week in Natalia, the JV Warhorses squeaked out a win 33-30. It was a close game each quarter with Devine leading 16-11 at the end of the first. Neither team scored in the second quarter. Coming out in the second half, the Warhorses had to work hard to maintain their lead and ended the quarter 25-20. The JV boys “played just good enough to win. We need to improve defense and execution of the offense but that will come with practice. We will get there,“ said Coach Evan Eads. The game ended 33-30 with the Warhorses on top.
The JV Warhorses made 44% of their free throws. Colin Dishman scored 9, Hunter Farias sank 1 three pointer, Weston Byrd 1, Matthew Madrid 2, Sage Ornelas 3, and Jose Dozal had 15 points with 3 three pointers.
The JV Warhorses will head to Dilley this weekend for a tournament. Their first game in Dilley will be against Crystal City at 4:30 on December 6th.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer