Freshman Warhorses go three-for-three

The Freshmen continue to meet and exceed the lofty expectations we have for our basketball team. The young men went 3-0 for the week defeating Hondo, West Campus and Crystal City. Bringing our overall record to 8-1. What really makes this so special and unique is how balanced the team is from one through eleven. On any given day we can have a different kid lead us in scoring. What is consistent is our effort and our team defense. Our goal every game is to hold our opponent to under 40 points, and we have achieved that in all nine games.
Jordan Roberts has really been stepping up on both ends of the floor since being inserted into the starting line-up. Ethan Santos has provided our team with a spark with his athleticism and speed. Makhi Burford has been playing some of his best ball of the year, and Sammy Guardiola has been a steady calm hand that we need as a ball club. Every kid helps our team in some way, shape or form, and they are starting to understand that rebounds, box-outs, deflections, and making the extra pass is what real winning basketball is about. It has been a fun ride so far hopefully we can keep it rolling this week at Bandera.
Facing Hondo on Dec. 8th, the Freshmen quickly took the lead and held onto it. They won 54-21 and held Hondo to a scoreless 3rd quarter.
Quenton Sanders 2, Samuel Guardiola 14, Shayne Scarbrough 1, Jordan Roberts 8, Jonathan Weinkam 3, Josiah Martinez 4, Makhi Burford 8, Brandon Martinez 2, Jose Morales 4, Elijah Sanchez 8. Q1 19-4, Q2 29-14, Q3 4-14, Q4 54-21. FTP 23%.
West Campus took the lead and held it until the 3rd quarter when the Warhorses outscored them 20-4. The Freshmen took the win at 45-36 after fighting hard to come back.
Guardiola 8, Roberts 7, Weinkam 3, Burford 2, B. Martinez 13, Morales 2, Sanchez 11. Q1 8-9, Q2 13-19, Q3 34-23, Q4 45-36. FTP 68%.
Crystal City put up a fight on Dec. 12th at 25-19 at the half, it looked like the Javelinas would make a come back but Devine shut down their drive to win their third game of the week and increase their record to 8-1.
Sanders 5, Guardiola 6, Scarbrough 5, Roberts 9, Weinkam 2, J. Martinez 2, Burford 2, B. Martinez 5, Morales 2, Sanchez 10. Q1 12-9, 25-19, 37-23, Q4 48-31. FTP 53%.
The Warhorses will head to Knippa on Friday and play Pettus at home this Saturday.
Coach Quenton Sanders