Freshman Arabians go 1-1 last week

The Freshman Arabians beat Natalia on August 21 then suffered their first loss of the season to Pleasanton on August 22nd. Beating Natalia 25-11 and 25-11 they were able to control the pace of the game and applied what they have learned in practice to the game.
Kills: Kelsey Dishman 1, Denise Contreras 9. Aces: Yancey Parson 2, Dishman 2, Contreras 1, Kaylee Romano 7, Liz Beth De Los Santos 2, MaKayla Schnautz 9. Digs: Contreras 2, Schnautz 3.
Kills: Contreras 9, Romano 3, Schnautz 5, Avery Mobley 3. Aces: Parson 5, Dishman 3, Schnautz 5. Digs: Parson 3, Dishman 4, Contreras 4, Romano 6, MaKayla Rivera 2, Mia Hernandez 1, De Los Santos 3, Schnautz 4, Mobley 1.
When asked how the Freshmen were adjusting to playing at the high school level Coach Kaitlyn Rotramel said, “They are adjusting very well to the higher level of play. They listen and try to do what I ask of them. I couldn’t be happier with how they are playing.”
They will face Llano and Salado on Saturday in Llano.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer