Flying Frog cannons, Bowling Paper, and carrots for T-Rex

My husband got the notion to buy a hunk of “prime rib” to cook this weekend. So I’m eating prime rib for supper, lunch, and dinner the past few days. He even made gravy too. That’s yummy stuff. He is definitely the cook of the family. He usually only barbeques, so I was taken a-back when I walked in and saw him using the oven. I thought that was against his religion or something. But he noted that he would make an exception for prime rib.
I even got to go for a short horse ride, and enjoyed a campfire with my daddy this weekend, so life is good. I also got to see my little sister Pauline for the first time in weeks, as she is a big college girl now. She looks like she has gotten 3 years older in 3 weeks. She is the youngest; I always called her “The Baby.” She loved that (not really). No one likes being called the baby, but everyone loves babies so I don’t know why not.
This weekend, my husband even brought home roses for me too. That’s something he used to do nearly every week when we were newlyweds. Perhaps my relaxing Saturday was preparing me for a less-than-relaxing Monday.
To start the Monday morning off, before I had even finished my coffee, our curious toddler pulled off half the rose petals and made a million piles of petals all over the living room/kitchen area around me. Not too long after that, he asked for little mini carrots which he normally loves to eat, but instead of eating carrots today, he chewed them up and spit them out on top of the rose petal piles. He was “feeding” his toy dinosaurs which are scattered about. T-Rex may have been happy, but mommy was unimpressed.
But Tucker wasn’t done yet. He proceeded to go to the bathroom and bring the toilet paper back out with him, to see how far he could unroll it. I looked to my left, and there it came, rolling swiftly down the hallway, sort of like bowling with toilet paper. Then he tore it to shreds in a matter of minutes. I watched out of the corner of my eye in amazement, as I was interviewing somebody on the phone and didn’t want to interrupt. Long story short, he was indeed a tiny bit of a handful today.
A few minutes later, I’m on the phone having an important conversation, and following Tucker around the yard as he plays. I saw him pick up a frog, and I quickly and quietly motioned for him to put it down, and he put it down alright. He flung the froggy away, and before I knew it, the slimy creature hit me square on the eye.
There are certain things I expected of a little boy, but there are some things I could never have guessed would happen in my life….flying frog cannons that hit me in the eye is one of them.