$2M for water infrastructure upgrades

Been a slow week. Got bout 1.5 inches of rain during the last two weeks. Just in time to get stuff green for Thanksgiving.
Not a lot going on at the Courthouse. We are searching for Broadband providers that would be able to service the entire County and we have 3 to chose from. The idea is to get Internet service to areas that are without at this time. We have “gone out for bids” with $1.5 million to spend.
We are going to direct $2 million for water infrastructure upgrades between the 8 water providers and will apply this money ONLY to the 9800+ connections in Medina County.
These funds are not County funds…they are from the American Rescue Plan Act. Only part of the money is ours…
Got to test the backup generators this last meeting. Seems power went out all over Hondo and the generators kicked in. We finished the meeting in low lighting..not romantic at all.
Lotta folks have been asking and we have been told that we will have a trailer for old tires by this Thursday. If so, we will only accept them Mon-Thurs 7AM-5PM. Call ahead (830-665-8015) to see if we have it on hand before loading up and coming to the yard.
We went through the process of re-drawing the Precinct lines and have come up with a final proposal. The only change of any significance is that Precinct 4 will take in all of the area southeast of SH 132 to the Atascosa line (our previous boundary was the City Limits of Natalia).
The last time we drew new lines, a lawsuit by a disgruntled Democrat left us with an odd shaped Pct 3 that stretched from the Uvalde County line towards Sabinal to the Atascosa County line in Lytle. This was not “Gerrymandered,” it was “lawsuited.” Ideally, this section would be eliminated and the Precincts would be logistically congruent.
Learned a new term yesterday…”shortage fee.” Seems when you go buy a new truck, the cost is $8,000 over the MSRP. They call it a shortage fee. I call it price gouging.
There is no shortage of trucks in the “supply chain.” Any time I can count 127 northbound trucks between Lytle and Devine…there aint no shortage. Just an excuse for the way that this Administration has messed it up. Lot more I would like to address but, space and KK probly wouldn’t allow it.