Fillys beat Crystal City

The Gold Fillys beat Crystal City in two sets at 18-13 and 23-18 on September 5th. “With so little time to prepare for our first game, the girls did a great job playing their positions and adjusting to changes. We have quite a bit to review and polish but I’m proud of the win and their performance on the court. EVERYONE made a positive contribution. Good Job Girls!!” Coach Shana Beaty
Aces: Bailey Ornelas 3, Brynlea Byrd 3, Yancey Parson 2, Hilary Barnett 2, and Zoe Ortiz 2, Iris Stricker 1, Alanna Monreal 1. Hits: Reese Duncan 3, Austin Little 2, Liah Romero 1, Gabriella Mares 1, Bailey Ornelas 1. Kills: Hilary Barnett 1. Assists: Bailey Ornelas 1. Offensive Serve Recieves: Parson 3, Monreal 2, Janelle Coronado 2, Sabrina Lindsey 2, and Stricker 1, Savannah Pequeno 1, Byrd 1. Digs: Parson 3, Lindsey 2, Stricker 2, Alanna Monreal 1.
Junior high volleyball is off to an amazing start for the 8th grade with the Maroon Fillys beating Crystal City in two sets at 25-13 and 25-10. “This is such a talented group of girls. They love this game and it shows on the court. Sometimes it is difficult to play games that don’t necessarily challenge you at your level and I believe this was the case. Though Crystal City played a hard match, this group is working hard to get ready for those games you really have to fight for. I’m proud of their effort and look forward to our next game.” Coach Shana Beaty
These young athletes only had a few days of practice and had to remember what they learned last season to help with this win. Aces: LizBeth De Los Santos 5, Kate Featherly 4, Kelsey Dishman 3, Kaylee Romano 2, Brooklyn Miller 1. Hits: Brooklyn Miller 4, Rylee Esquibel 3, Denise Contreras 2, Makayla Rivera 1, De Los Santos 1. Kills: Dishman 1, Miller 1, Esquibel 1, Contreras 1, and De Los Santos 1. Assits: Featherly 3, Romano 1. Offensive Serve Recieves: De Los Santos 4, Dishman 3, Contreras 2 and Esquibel 2, Rivera 1. Digs: Rivera 2, Dishman 1, Esquibel 1 and Contreras 1.
The Fillys will face Pearsall on September 16th and then host their tournament on September 21st.

By Dicy Chambers

Sports Writer