Easter in June

My son found a stash of Easter eggs the other day and got really excited. We spent the last few days playing egg and seek. It’s amazing the entertainment a basket of eggs can provide and I’m not sure why we only do it once a year.
Thankfully a lot of those egg hunts were inside our house, because every time I walk outside I feel like I am going to melt. The weather guy this morning literally said “today we are going to get a little break”, referring to the forecast with a high of 98 degrees for the day! I admire my husband and anyone who works outside to make a living, because it can’t be easy.
My sister and I are both counting down the days to our beach trip. Can’t wait to hear the sound of those waves.
We got chickens recently and I only planned on keeping them for a little while to cut down on the bug population, but we are kind of having fun with them. Farm animals are funny things. They are all entertaining in their own way. I always thought goats had one of a kind personalities, watching all their antics, but chickens have their own ways of entertaining us. Pretty soon, we will be able to hunt for their eggs. We already found one.
Well, if you get bored this summer, and no one’s talked you into getting chickens yet, just pull out the Easter eggs and let the kids hunt the day away. They are on sale this time of year!