Don’t buy gold from somebody in a parking lot

Here is the latest rundown on Lytle Police activity (also known as “what happened last week”). Officers handled 62 calls for service and conducted 45 traffic stops. The 45 traffic stops resulted in 27 citations and 18 warnings.
We had 2 arrests last week. Lt. Dear arrested a fellow for DWI that was passed out behind the wheel at the intersection of Oak St. and Benton St. (it was 2:32 AM). It was a convenient arrest as the location was only a block from the police station. He was transported to the Atascosa Co. Jail. Ofc. Pena was working traffic enforcement on N. Prairie St. when he stopped a speeder at 4:22 AM. He discovered the female driver had an active domestic violence warrant, she was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail as well.
We had a couple property crimes reported last week, they were on opposite ends of the spectrum. An unknown guy filled a hand basket with stuff at the CVS Pharmacy and walked out the front door. He must have had second thoughts because he set the basket down and walked away. I would like to think that maybe he realized what he was doing was wrong, but most likely he saw somebody watching him or a cop car drove by. The next one happened at 7:41 AM on Saturday morning (we knew that thanks to video) on FM 463. Somebody took off with a 2002 GMC Yukon that belongs to one of our local pastors. He had a trailer attached to the vehicle too. The very nice flatbed trailer was found abandoned on Railroad St. around 1 PM. I would like to think that the car thief realized what he was doing was wrong, but still wanted the Yukon so I guess he “released” the trailer. But most likely he didn’t know how to pull a trailer and realized he was more likely to get stopped.
In other activity, Ofc. Lopez attempted to stop a suspicious vehicle on Adams St. and the driver sped away, he ended up turning down Pine St. and ran the vehicle into the brush. The driver got away but a female passenger was detained. Ofc. Lopez also investigated a report of a person selling fake gold out of their vehicle in the parking lot of the H.E.B. C-Store. He was later able to locate the suspect. So my advice for the week is “Don’t by gold from somebody in a parking lot at a ridiculous price and wonder why you got scammed.” You would be better off investing in autographed pictures of me. Do you get the point?
My wife and I attended the Billy Graham Evangelical Assoc. National Law Enforcement Retreat last week. It was held, once again, at the Horseshoe Bay Resort. We had a great time, there were about 250 in attendance coming from all across the country and even Oklahoma. We had some great speakers and awesome worship music, God is good.
Saturday was opening season for the Lytle Little League. Mayor Bowen threw out the first pitch and I was supposed to catch it, well it didn’t work out so well. We got a “do over” and I caught that one.