Baby Peep

My daughter came home with a special project this week. She was given an Easter egg with a “baby peep” inside of it, which she was instructed to protect and watch over this week, like it’s mother. Each night she is supposed to “tuck it in” and if she can’t watch it during the day she is supposed to have somebody “baby sit” it, and each morning she takes it to school with her and puts it in its nest. She is excited about it, but also very stressed about it. She is more of a mother hen than I thought.
The first two people she told about the special project–baby peep–both joked that they might eat it. That threw her into a tailspin and I could see the worry in her eyes that evening as she worried about her new “baby” which she is supposed to keep safe.
I tried to make her feel better. “I worry about my babies–you and Tucker–all the time too. But most of the time you know I am worried about nothing,” I assured her. She can sure attest to that as she’s always saying “Moooooom! I’m fine.”
Well now she’s on the other end of the worry. She looked up at me and asked with the sincerest sweetest eyes.:
“How do you know mom? How do you know when to be worried and when not to?”
If only I could answer that question….when to worry and not to. That’s the kind of wisdom you can only get from God! So I have a feeling we will both be praying my favorite Serenity prayer this week, as she learns about the responsibility of taking care of something–even if it is a piece of candy inside an Easter egg. It’s very sweet the way she is doing her best to protect it. After all, baby peeps do present a unique set of vulnerabilities–with people threatening to eat them and all.
Glad I don’t have to worry about that threat with my baby peeps!