Do you own a business in Medina County? Read this.

The Medina County cares act grant still has $144,000 in grant money available to local small businesses who apply. They are eager to give local businesses a boost, so please don’t hesitate to apply!
There was a total of $420k set aside for this program, and 74 local businesses have been awarded grants to help out. Ten received grants of $10,000, fifteen businesses received $5,000 each, and 48 businesses received $2,000 grants each.
Oct. 1st is the deadline to apply.
The application is a simple 2 page form with very basic questions, and if you are eligible you will be awarded a grant.
The committee will notify you within a week after turning your application in.
Any small locally owned business who can provide proof of paying County sales tax is eligible, perhaps even if you don’t have a retail store front.
Business owners who own and operate their own business are also eligible, even if they do not have employees.
“The Commissioners really want to reach as many businesses as possible. We’ve had all kinds of businesses apply from restaurants to dentist offices, to beauty salons, boutiques, flower shops, bars, gyms, welders, to pest control and daycares, all across the board,” said Economic Director Stephanie Blanks.
Applications can be emailed to or 1616 Ave. M Suite 100 Hondo, TX 78861