Devine VFD Board election held

As many may or may not have heard, Fire Chief Michael Walker has announced that he will be stepping down as Fire Chief for the coming year 2020.
Fire Chief Walker has given Devine VFD his service as Fire Chief from August 2017. He has been with the Department since 2015, in 2016 he was voted in as Assistant Chief. Prior to serving our community, Michael Walker held Fire Chief at another Department for many years. Michael Walker has 40+ years in the industry and will continue to serve for our community in the department but as Deputy Chief.
Thank You Michael Walker for all your hard work.
Congratulations to the 2020 Devine Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department Board of Directors.
Fire Chief/President – Robert Scott
Deputy Chief / 1st Vice President – Michael Walker
Assistant Chief / 2nd Vice President – Richard Hitchcock
Treasurer – Carla Walker
Secretary – Shelly Watson
Sergeant of Arms – Justin Olivares
Thank you to the past Board Members for all of your hard work.