Devine Tennis brings home two consolation wins

The Devine Tennis headed to the Lee/MacArthur Tennis Tournament on February 26th. The team competed against schools much larger than Devine and came home with several placings including two consolation wins!
Brian Schaefer/Laurel Spannagel won consolation in mixed doubles at 2-6, 3-6-8-4-8-4-8-5.Karma Herring/Kelsey Dishman finished third in girls doubles 6-4, 6-2-6-1, 6-3-3-6, 2-6. Cameron English finished second on the consolation side 4-6, 2-6-8-1-8-1-6-8. Johnathon Gelinas/Aidan Hildenbrand finished 5th in boys doubles 6-2, 4-6, 10-6-3-6, 4-6-8-2. Savanna Pequeno 7-6, 6-4-6-4, 5-7, 7-10-5-8. Hayden Johnson 2-6, 2-6-0-8-1-8. Corwin Flores 7-5, 7-6-2-6,0-6-1-8. Dannely Rodriguez/Isabella Elias 5-7, 5-7-8-2-4-8. Victor Schaefer/Juan Lopez 2-6, 3-6-4-8-8-2. Damien Araujo/Josette Villanueva 6-4, 6-3-3-6, 1-6-1-8.
“This is a tournament for 6A schools that we performed fairly well in,” said Coach Mark Feltner. Devine will head to Seguin on March 5th and the JV will play there on the 4th. Devine still has a month of meets before district on April 12th and 13th.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer