Devine Police Report Sept. 25-Oct. 1

Sept. 25
12:15 PM – Verbal disturbance between a boyfriend and girlfriend in the 700 block of Devine Dr. Parties separated for the day.
2:22 PM – Female complainant was assaulted in the 500 block of W. Moore Ave. and was having trouble hearing out of her right ear. EMS was paged out to check complainant’s welfare.
2:38 PM – Officer assisted the Medina County Sheriff’s Office with traffic control on IH-35 NB.
3:40 PM – Complainant advised he lost a black iPhone 6 with black Otter box along with a black belt clip. Complainant called PD on Sept. 28 and advised he found his phone on his property.
7:30 PM – Officer dispatched to S. Wilson in reference to a car hauler 18-wheeler in the area; all was okay.
Sept. 26
7:50 AM – Officer dispatched to the 600 block of Jack Nicklaus Dr. in reference to a blue Dodge Charger parked in yard. Officer made contact with homeowner, who advised the vehicle belonged to a buddy; all was okay.
9:30 PM – Complainant reported her daughters were in a verbal disturbance with a female. Officer made contact with the female in the 600 block of Crouch and recovered a phone that was borrowed by her sister. The phone was returned to its owner.
Sept. 27
1:20 PM – Theft of a bag of deer corn in the 100 block of E. Colonial Pkwy. Total $6.59.
3:10 PM – A subject in the 100 block of IH-35 S. was cited for theft under $100. The subject also attempted to evade and resist arrest and was jailed.
4:06 PM – A male subject in the 100 block of IH-35 S. had previously been given a criminal trespass warning and was jailed.
7:20 PM – Officer dispatched to the 100 block of Colonial Pkwy. in reference to an unknown vehicle that struck a pole. Officer spoke to manager, who did not advise of an incident.
Sept. 28
5:35 AM – Dispatch requested assistance with a residential alarm in the 600 block of FM 2200. Advised he tried to contact homeowner but got no answer. All was okay; the homeowner was on location and didn’t realize his wife had set off the alarm.
12:36 PM – Officer removed branches from roadway in the 300 block of Malone Dr.
4:04 PM – A male subject was charged with criminal mischief $100-750 in reference to throwing a beer can at a Dodge vehicle.
Sept. 29
3:27 AM – Homeowner in the 100 block of E. Coker Ave. advised someone was banging on her door. Complainant did not want to be contacted, just wanted officers to check area. Unable to locate.
1:41 PM – Complainant in the 100 block of LC Martin Dr. reported damage to a bird feeder.
1:49 PM – Complainant in the 1100 block of Warhorse Dr. advised that several males in an older red utility vehicle passed by residence and egged his vehicle.
Sept. 30
2:51 AM – Complainant in the 100 block of Enterprise Ave. reported a male subject at the front door asking for his mom. Staff members did not recognize the subject.
3:10 AM – A male subject in the 100 block of Enterprise Ave. was jailed for public intoxication.
8:46 AM – Officer spoke to complainant in reference to a high school student driving at a high rate of speed down Zig Zag Ave. and CR 5710 and recently ran complainant off the road. The driver was in a Toyota Tundra.
10:40 AM – Complainant reported truck tractors parking on the roadway at Walmart; no violation observed.
9:12 PM – Complainant in the 200 block of W. Moore Ave. reported a male subject possibly doing narcotics. Officer made contact with a male; all was okay.
11:04 PM – Dispatch requested officers look for a deputy who was shown to be in the area but was not answering radio for dispatch or SA dispatch; all was okay.
Oct. 1
12:20 AM – Officer assisted MCSO with a traffic stop on NB IH-35 access road.
4:00 AM – Lights were left on on a bus in the 800 block of N. Teel Dr. No employees on location.
10:46 PM – A male subject in the 600 block of Pilgrim was jailed for public intoxication.